The latest stable release of mtPaint can be downloaded HERE. Here is a more detailed description of these files:

Windows Version


Installation program for Windows systems (95/98/ME/XP), including all of the translations and the handbook.

Linux Version

Due to the rich diversity of Linux systems, the best way to install mtPaint is to use a package that has been specially created for your system. The only packages here are TGZ packages for Slackware based systems (e.g. Zenwalk, Vector) and a DEB package for Ubuntu systems. They have the following filenames:


These packages require the following libraries to be installed: GTK+2.10, libpng, libtiff, libjpeg, jasper, lcms. They also install all of the translations, and the handbook. Packages for other systems exist at the following locations:

If a package is not available for your system, but you have a full GNU development environment, you can download the source code and compile the program:

mtpaint-?.??.tar.bz2 - Source file archive in tarball form.
mtpaint-?.??.zip - Source file archive in zip form (identical content to tar.bz2).
mtpaint_handbook-?.??.zip - The handbook.

The sources also allow you to compile mtPaint with your own options, such as targetting a specific type of CPU. Please consult the README file for full instructions on this procedure.

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